When you’re convinced you need a new machine, give us a call. We’ll look over that old machine you’d like to replace and determine if it can be remanufactured. Very often we’ll see “good iron” that can be recovered to give an old machine a whole new life.

The benefits of remanufacturing are many:

  • Old iron has excellent mass and dampening.
  • Existing foundations can be reused.
  • Cost is usually less than 75% of new machine cost.
  • Delay or downtime is also usually 75% less than new builds.
  • Performance is the same as new.

With all that going for it, wouldn’t it be wise to consider a remanufactured machine tool? This is an MTR specialty and our staff of mechanical, electrical and CNC engineers can remanufacture just about any machine tool and do it to your specifications.

reman1 reman2

When it’s time for a new machine give MTR a call.