Service & Repair

When MTR began this business nearly 25 years ago, we only did service and repair work which was done on site at our customer’s facility. Our customers were so pleased with the services provided by MTR that they began contracting with us to be their annual maintenance teams, shutdown crews, weekend repair crews, etc.

Today we continue to support these efforts.
We service almost every type of machine tool. We specialize in the larger models and have the tooling and instrumentation to fix the world’s largest machine tools.

You can call us anytime!
After your first job has been completed by MTR, you will be provided with a 24 hour access phone number to MTR’s full service resources.

We can provide the following services:

is the key to a good repair job and MTR is the company to do it. Our team of engineers can analyze and estimate what it will take to get your machine tool running properly. So, before your machine tool is in pieces on the shop floor, let MTR look it over.

Laser Calibration
When was the last time you checked the alignment of your machines? Have you noticed an increase in scrap? Maybe it’s time you have MTR realign your machinery. With our hi-tech laser calibration unit, an MTR technician can come in and laser shoot your machine and make any adjustments necessary to get your machine back in spec.

When recalibration just isn’t enough for your high mileage machines, it’s time to think about scraping. Scraping is a long-lived process by which you remove very small amounts of material to achieve true surfaces. This is primarily done to way surfaces that have become loose due to over use or age. Scraping and realignment can get you back on the road to making money and not scrap.

Emergency Repairs
Your new machinist just crashed your multi-million dollar machine and you’ve got deadlines to meet. MTR with it’s staff of trained technicians can be on site quickly, sometimes in a matter of hours. We, at MTR, have encountered numerous crash scenarios. So, just because it looks bad doesn’t mean we can’t fix it.

Machine Relocation
We also offer machine relocation which includes complete removal, transportation and installation of your existing machinery to any location in the world.
More information on relocation services